Why You Should Have Your Deck Painted

Patio Painting Gainesville VA

A fresh coat of paint provides several benefits to new and well-worn decks. It protects their building materials, makes them easy to clean, and freshens their appearance. Nevertheless, turn to an experienced patio painting company for help in selecting the best paint and providing high-quality service.

Kopeck Custom Painting offers painting services in Gainesville, VA, including exterior painting for pergolas, barns, fences, and siding. We begin each project by determining your project needs and providing an estimate. Then, we carry out a process to prepare and paint the surface. Our goal is to deliver long-lasting results with a clean finish. Contact us today at (571) 286-0658 for a free estimate!

Below, we outline why you should have your deck painted:

Protect the Material

Paint can go on most decks, including those made of wood and composite materials. It provides a thick, protective layer for sealing out water and preventing rot. 

You can even extend the life of your wood patio with paint, as it protects the surface better than stains and sealers. You should have your new patio painted following its construction to retain its optimal condition. Yet you can also slow the aging process of older patios by having them painted or repainted. Plus, paint offers a solution for covering tough stains.

Make it Easy to Clean

A high-quality paint fills the cracks of porous materials, creating a hard shell that resists staining and affords easy cleaning. While unpainted decks often require pressure washing to remove stains, you can clean your painted deck with dish soap, warm water, and a sponge. 

Freshen the Appearance

Don’t overlook paint as a way to refresh your deck’s appearance! Rather than tearing down and rebuilding it, you need only have your deck painted for a change. Quality exterior paints come in a variety of colors and create a solid, smooth finish. Keep your outdoor space up to date with a new color that complements your home’s exterior and outdoor furniture. 

Precise Patio Painting Available in Gainesville, VA

Patio Painting Gainesville VA

Turn to Kopeck Custom Painting for patio painting services in Gainesville, VA. We are a family-owned business that is committed to providing excellent service. Homeowners and businesses can trust us with both interior and exterior painting projects. Call us to have all your exterior painting projects completed at once! We can paint house siding in addition to your deck. Contact us at (571) 286-0658 for a free estimate.