What Should You Look For in a Commercial Painter?

Commercial painting service in Gainesville VA

Whether you work for a business that rents or owns its commercial space, remaining consistent with maintenance is an extensive task but one that’s necessary. So, when your property needs a fresh coat of paint, you must enlist the assistance of a reliable commercial painting contractor. To ensure you do so, check that the available services are licensed and insured, flexible, and meet other criteria.

Businesses located in and around Gainesville, VA, can turn to Kopeck Custom Painting for their painting needs. Our team employs ample resources to complete your project on time and within budget. We’ve worked in office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, senior living communities, schools, stores, and more. Much of our success owes to our project process, where we thoroughly prepare a space to ensure it’s ready for fresh paint. If you’re interested in learning more about us or scheduling a painting service, fill out our online form today.

Below, we discuss the critical factors that you should check before hiring a painting contractor:

5 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Painting Contractor

  1. Proper Licensure and Insurance
    First, note that the painting service price–though important–should not be the sole determiner of your contractor. Indeed, dishonest and/or unlicensed contractors often attract clients because they offer low rates. Those contractors’ low-quality services reflect their cheap pricing, and their clients end up paying more to have it corrected.

    So, when you consider hiring a contractor, check that they hold a license for commercial painting in your state. Reputable companies that want to earn business honestly will make this information accessible. For instance, we provide our credentials online and can answer your direct questions about our project insurance.

  2. Subcontractors vs. Dedicated Employees
    Next, consider the contractor’s team. Rather than hire employees for their projects, many contractors use subcontractors. While these independent workers can deliver great work and enjoy lasting relationships with a contractor, they might also yield subpar results.

    Subcontractors are not full-time employees, so the contractor that brought them on has limited control over their work. On the other hand, a dedicated team of employees usually delivers better results. For this reason, Kopeck uses seasoned professionals who work full-time for our company.

  3. Prior Customers
    You can also get a sense of a contractor’s business by noting their previous customers. Commercial property owners, in particular, can determine whether the contractor has worked in their industry. A contract’s prior client list speaks to the kind of relationships that they build.

    Moreover, if a contractor has worked with another company in your field, you can speak to that company about its experience. A firsthand account from a known source will suit you better than any online review.

    We have worked on several commercial property types: offices, stores, rented spaces, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and more. Reach out to us and ask who in your field we’ve worked with.

  4. Flexible Scheduling
    Additionally, while reliable commercial painters may be busy, they still work to accommodate their clients’ schedules. After all, even if it needs a paint job, your business must continue to run. Many commercial contractors work during your time-off: weekends, nights, and so on.

    We’ve noted before that one measure of whether a home painting service provider fits your needs is their scheduling flexibility. The same goes for commercial painting service providers, which is why Kopeck is committed to putting clients at the heart of our process.

  5. Open Communication
    Finally, effective painting contractors keep the lines of communication to customers open. Like any maintenance service, painting requires careful attention and input. Before hiring a service, you have an expectation of what they can provide; constant communication ensures they grasp that expectation and deliver upon it.

Reliable Commercial Painting Services Available in Gainesville, VA

As with all its upkeep tasks, your property’s painting cannot stand less-than-excellent work. Your project demands a trusted commercial painting contractor: Kopeck Custom Painting. Our team provides exterior and interior services to homes and businesses throughout the Gainesville, VA, region. Prior clients rave about our work—plus, we offer a warranty on materials and labor for two years. Call us today at (571) 286-0658 or fill out our form for a free online quote.