Trendy 2022 Home Exterior Paint Colors

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Creating an attractive and eye-catching home—whether for living or selling—requires some industry insight. For instance, what color palettes are popular in today’s market? Which colors could become popular within the next year? Trend analysis and insider knowledge point to specific shades and tones of green, light neutrals, and dark neutrals as 2022’s rising stars. But to reap the advantages that these colors offer, you need professional exterior house painting services.

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Below, we describe the specific colors—organized by category—that look to reign supreme in 2022’s paint design industry:


The first group of colors poised for popularity in 2022 consists of green. We’ve previously discussed how earthy greens suit exterior brickwork, but we can expand to further materials here. In the vein of earthy greens, we suggest Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Olive, a warm and deep color.

Homeowners seeking a darker shade than that should explore Black Forest Green, the blackness of which suggests weight and elegance. Opposite of dark, Sussex Green maintains earth tones but lightens them considerably for a fresh appearance. To round these out, Sherwin Williams’ Dried Thyme is a khaki pants–green that complements dark wood staining.

Light Neutrals

Next, let’s examine some light neutrals. You can leverage these for a “traditional” color palette to create an inviting exterior, but doing so depends on your home’s design. Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray, for instance, is their take on a shade with enduring appeal for exterior work.

Further light neutrals include Sherwin Williams’ Dorian Gray, a medium gray hue that emanates hospitality. Then, as a beige option, we suggest Gray Area. This shade works with off-whites and dark neutrals as well as wood staining of all types.

Dark Neutrals

If we had to choose the most popular color category of 2022, we’d select dark neutrals. Elegant and sophisticated by nature, these tones stand at the forefront of trending picks. For example, Benjamin Moore’s Deep River works blue undertones into its deep gray appearance. The effect is subtle but breathtaking.

Another deep gray paint, Ocean Floor emphasizes blue tones even further than Deep River. An even bolder deep gray and blue combination is Stonecutter, which works well alongside stone exteriors thanks to the color’s saturation.

In a different track, Sherwin Williams’ Anonymous blends brown, green, and gray for a sensuous exterior influenced by its environs. Finally, we suggest Black Fox with its deep complexion for contemporary homes and commercial properties.

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Exterior House Painting Gainesville VA

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