The Best Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Wall Painting Services in Warrenton VA

When people decide on one or another paint color for a room’s walls, they set the “mood” of that room. So, if you are about to start a bedroom wall painting project, choose the colors carefully–what feeling would suit your space? We suggest indigo and white, brown and cream, or one of the other options listed below. 

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Below, we outline several color combinations that make elegant bedroom spaces:

  1. Indigo and White
    While you don’t need a reason to do so, there are good reasons to repaint your bedroom walls. These include touching up dull/discolored spots, scratches, or other marks as well as ushering in a new interior design style.
    Bedroom Wall Painting Service in Warrenton VA
    No matter your reasoning, though, we suggest you consider indigo and white. This scheme establishes an ever-popular “soothing” atmosphere, the indigo adding a touch of warmth. Paired with white, a fine indigo color looks sharp and refined.
  2. Brown and Cream
    How do you decide on a color palette? While no single foolproof process exists, you have several avenues to create a stylish bedroom. Along with one or two paint colors, you can also consider patterns, stripes, or incorporating molding features.
    Brown Bedroom Wall Painting in Warrenton VA
    Nevertheless, consider the bold appearance of brown and cream, a classic and popular color scheme. If you have hardwood floors in your bedroom already, the proper shade of cream will complement its appearance.
  3. Lavender and Off-White
    An interior paint job provides several benefits beyond fresh novelty and energy in your home. These advantages include improved physical and emotional health, a safer home, and a higher-value property if you decide to move.Bedroom Wall Painting Services in Warrenton VA
    You might add particular value to your home with a unique color scheme like lavender and off-white. Although uncommon, this combination offers a lush and elegant look. It also encourages a soothing, calm atmosphere.
  4. Light Blue and Radiant Yellow
    Bedroom Wall Painting Service in Warrenton VA
    Are soothing color combinations not your style? Light blue and bright yellow can provide the opposite effect: a burst of energy and vigor. Both colors radiate positivity, but their combination inspires happiness and energy. They can even make a room “feel” bigger.
  5. Shades of Grey
    Bedroom Wall Painting Project in Warrenton VA
    While some homeowners prefer colorful combinations in their rooms, others seek out neutral tones. If applied properly, gray paint can suit any room or style. Indeed, you might try incorporating just shades of grey for a bold, classical look. This may seem too monochromatic for some, but it will appeal to those who like the minimalist approach and design aesthetic.

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