Summer Colors That Make Your House Feel Like A Vacation Home

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Vacation homes have a different feeling to them than our homes normally do. Part of this may do with location, but another has to do with how different their interior design is compared to yours. One way to recreate this refreshed, excited feeling in your own home is by putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls, particularly in a color that is as vibrant and inspiring as the summer season.

Kopeck Custom Painting is among Northern Virginia’s most trusted painting services. Our experienced professionals will help you achieve a precise interior painting job with your chosen colors for an exciting new interior design. Throughout Gainesville, VA, and Northern Virginia, we perform both exterior and interior painting jobs for numerous residents and commercial businesses. Here are some amazing colors, inspired by summer, to consider for your next painting project:

Jade Green

Unlike other shades of green, jade can produce an exotic, tropical ambiance, especially if paired with the right decor. By including plenty of natural light, large, leafy potted plants, and furniture that uses complementary colors, like wooden tables and chairs, white curtains and cushions, and other pieces in lighter shades of green.


Tangerine is another vibrant summer color that brings a soft but energetic feel, no matter how it is presented in a room, whether it be the primary color of your furniture arrangement or the color of your accent wall. Pairing tangerine with simple white-colored decor and furniture can produce a strong contrast that emphasizes a modern interior design.


Like the sun on a late summer afternoon, this is a soft shade of yellow that evokes relaxation. It blends well with numerous different colors, providing a wide variety of styles to choose from. We recommend blending it with dark wooden furniture and white accent decor to create a classic, regal-esque appearance.


This color has become immensely popular in fashion, as it has in interior design. It’s bright, cheerful hue makes peach an excellent summer color and blends with bold colors, like black and navy, to create strong contrasts used in modern interiors, as well with soft blues and bright whites to create an old western style.

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These are just a sampling of the amazing, summer-inspired colors you can use in the color scheme of your next paint project. For a quick, easy, and efficient project, consider hiring a team of professionals to help you create your unique vision for an attractive exterior or unique interior painting project. Our highly-experienced team has served many residents and businesses throughout Gainesville, VA, and Northern Virginia, and we are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations through precision and open communication every step of the way.

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