Six of the Best Exterior Housing Painting Ideas

Kopeck Painting in Northern VA can help you choose the perfect set of colors for your premium house painting.

One of the most noticeable elements of your home’s exterior is its color palette. While most homes often have dull colors that hardly stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, updating your home exterior with new paint can easily turn your home into a work of art. It may be a small change, but it makes a huge difference to your home’s curb appeal and its potential value for future home buyers.

To do that, you’ll want to make sure you get a quality exterior house painting, one that is done by a professional from a trustworthy service like Kopeck Painting of Northern VA. Our highly-experienced team performs exterior and interior house painting projects for both residents and commercial businesses.

For years, we have worked to ensure our process consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations. Below are a few examples of well-paired color schemes you might like to try on your home’s exterior:

White with Green Accents

The simplest color schemes are often the best. This one involves painting the base color of your home a pure, clean white, while also painting the trimming of your windows and front door a verdant green. Not only do these colors match well together, but they also match wonderfully among the trees and leaves of Northern Virginia.

Green with Yellow & White Accents

Another excellent palette is matching pale green with accents of light yellow and white. This color scheme utilizes these less bold, but no less attractive hues to promote a tranquil and inviting atmosphere around your home’s exterior.

Bright Yellows & White Accents

Another simple yet refreshing color scheme is matching a bright shade of yellow with white accents. The white trimmings of your windows, doors, and other exterior features will outline the bold, vigorous yellow that would cover the rest of the house.

Yellow & Gray Accents

A color that matches well with a bold, saturated shade of yellow is an equally bold, soft gray. The main difference with this palette is that both colors exist in equal amounts on different parts of the house.

This gives it a “modern” design by pairing yellow on gray trimming in one area and then another with mostly gray. This will make your home’s exterior look more dynamic and unique.

Red with White & Green Accents

As it is a common palette among barns, this rich, deep red covers the sides of your home, while the window trimmings and fascia contrast it in pure white. Along with that, adding forest green to additional areas, such as the front door, patio, staircase, and more, can provide an impressive twist to your home’s exterior design.

Pale Blue & Natural Wood

This is specific to homes with natural wood elements appearing on its exterior, such as within the roof’s fascia or as pillars surrounding the porch. Painting your home’s exterior a pale blue will complement the rich brown color of the natural wood and provide lasting beauty to your home’s exterior.

Kopeck Custom Painting: Experienced Exterior House Painting Services in Northern VA

These are some of the different color palettes you can choose from when you are planning to paint your home’s exterior. Consider using them, or take them as inspiration when thinking about your desired color palette. At Kopeck Custom Painting, we can help assist you in selecting the perfect set of colors for your next premium house painting.

We at Kopeck of Northern VA have spent years gaining the experience and abilities to ensure our customers are consistently satisfied with our paintwork. Our knowledge also ensures your latest coat of paint lasts against the elements, whether it be inside or outside your home.

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