Simple Home Updates That Go A Long Way


A contrasting paint color for commercial office painting services in Aldie, VA

A variety of easy home updates exist that require little labor, stress, or money out of your wallet. One of the easiest things to update is your wall paint. And you can make things even easier by hiring experts in custom residential and commercial office painting services. Pick which colors or style you want and let the professionals do the rest.

Kopeck Custom Painting provides high-quality painting services to customers throughout Aldie, VA. We place our customers at the center of our process, allowing you to collaborate with us and give your input. Our customer-centric project approach and friendly service define our customers’ experiences.

Below, we describe some easy and impactful ways to update your home:       

Simple Updates With Big Impacts

Restain Your Deck

One of the easiest updates you can do is restaining or repainting your deck. Along with cleaning outdoor furniture, restaining your deck can renew your outdoor space and prepare it for spring and summer gatherings.

Add New Wallpaper

Another straightforward improvement is adding wallpaper to your bedroom, living room, or another indoor space. A wallpaper can accentuate or contrast the rest of your home’s interior design in its particular pattern and color palette. And to make installation a breeze, use peel and stick wallpaper, which comes in several quality brands, colors, and designs. It’s easy to place and remove so that you can switch it out whenever you feel like it. 

Repaint The Front Door

Your front door is among the first things that guests, family, and – if you put your house on the market – potential homebuyers see. Through years of weathering, its paint and polish will inevitably fade, crack, and peel away. Even if this isn’t currently the case with your front door, putting a fresh coat of paint on will help maintain its appearance and, if you pick a new color, can be a serious way to change up the entrance to your house.   

Introduce New Lighting

One last way to update your home is to add new inside or outside lights. Update indoor lighting by installing new fixtures that match your interior wall colors or new LED bulbs that emit a complementary color temperature

Similarly, you can add new outdoor light fixtures like string lights over your patio or deck and a lamp post by your driveway, so that the front and back of your home are always well-lit and safe to traverse. Lighting has a significant but subtle effect on the atmosphere and mood of a room and is an incredibly easy way to improve your home’s look and feel.   

Kopeck Custom Painting: Office Painting Services in Aldie, Virginia

As you ponder these simple home improvements, consider hiring a professional painting company to update your home’s interior or exterior paint quality. Kopeck Custom Painting is one such company with years of experience in providing excellent customer service and high-quality paintwork, including commercial office painting services, exterior siding paint projects, as well as many other interior painting services. To learn more about our work, contact us at (571) 286-0658 and get a free estimate for your upcoming project today!