Deck Staining

Thorough, Detailed Preparation


Love spending time outside on your deck? We provide superior deck staining services because of our commitment to the details. We prepare each deck as carefully as if it were our own.

We do thorough pressure washing of the deck to remove andy mold, mildew, oil or dirt before we do the staining. Then we do a thorough sanding of the deck to make sure you don’t get any splinters on your newly stained deck. Finally, we apply an even coat of stain to ensure that your deck is smooth and sleek.

Fast, Professional Delivery


We deliver expedited deck-staining services if you are ready to enjoy time outdoors. And though we are fast, we never skip a detail.

We always make sure your deck is professionally prepared by thorough pressure washing to remove any mold, mildew, oil, grease or dirt prior to the staining. After, your deck will sanded smooth and an even coat of stain will be carefully, yet quickly, applied.

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