Ceiling Painting

Over time, many things can cause staining on your home’s ceiling including accidental spills, smoke from cooking/smoking, water leaks, and more. Kopeck Custom Painting specializes in expert ceiling painting services that can cover up nasty, unwanted stains and make your ceilings look like the very first day you step foot into your home. 

Painter painting ceiling

High Quality Ceiling Painting Solutions That Last

At Kopeck Custom Painting, we use only the highest quality paint for ceilings including stain-blocking primers that can help prevent future stains. Our professional ceiling painters will ensure the smoothest coat of paint and making sure the coat of paint blends in and sets in well. 

A ceiling painting job doesn’t always have to be a restorative job either. If you’re simply looking to switch things up as far as colors, Kopeck Custom Painting can help implement any new color you desire for your ceiling. So if you’re looking to go beyond the dull & default white paint that most homeowners stick with, call us today to get started on your next ceiling painting project. Our painters will help you every step of the way. 

Why Should I Repaint My Ceilings?

Many people find it hard to find the value in repainting their ceilings simply because they feel that nobody actually pays too much attention to one’s ceiling. However, you’d be surprised to know a few reasons why many decide to repaint their ceilings aside from getting rid of scuffs & stains. 

Here a few reasons why you may want to consider repainting your ceiling:

  1. Make the room feel bigger by using two contrasting light tones
  2. Make a room feel more welcoming with warmer colors to match the season
  3. Accent ceiling design features such as wooden beams, crown moldings, and more. 
  4. Make a room feel brighter by using lighter tones than the walls.
Paint tray with white paint and paint roller
Custom ceiling painting by professional painter