Paint Colors for Low-Light Spaces

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Colors change drastically when they’re set against light. This especially affects the color of the paint on your walls. That means if you didn’t consider the way lighting affects the color of your wall paint, you may have several interior design blunders on your hands, not just in spaces with lots of natural light, but also in low-light areas too. For assistance in making the necessary adjustments, call on
professional home painting services in Fairfax, VA, like Kopeck Custom Painting. 

Kopeck provides top-notch home painting services for both residents and commercial businesses throughout Northern Virginia. We provide clients with painting experts that put your needs and preferences first and conduct a rigorous assessment process to ensure our services exceed your expectations. 

4 Colors We Recommend for Painting Low-Light Spaces 

  1. Pale Yellow
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    Pale yellow is an excellent paint color choice for a space mostly lit by artificial light. Using colors of the sun makes it appear understated against other interior elements. Yet it brightens the room, making it among the best colors to choose from for your basement, bathroom, or any other low-light areas in your home or office space.
  2. Warm Orange
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    Another color of the sun, warm orange colors is also well-suited for spaces with little to no light, especially dim lighting with low color temperatures that will exude an even warmer color. Ensure this by using bulbs with low color temperatures in your artificial lighting.
  3. Gray
    Gray Home Painting Service in Fairfax VA
    Gray is a classically used color in many under-lit interior designs, as it remains totally neutral even when set against harsh artificial light. We recommend painting your walls a lighter shade of gray as they work best in accenting dimly lit areas.Similar to pale yellow, this allows the color of your walls to become an understated aspect of your interior design, while also meshing well with almost any style of decor. It also reflects well against warm or cold lighting temperatures.
  4. Lavender
    Lavender Home Painting Service in Fairfax VA
    Finally, we would also recommend painting your walls a nice light shade of lavender purple, as it is yet another neutral but vibrant color that works well in dimly lit interiors. It is simple, elegant, and just bold enough to make a room pop without being affected by harsh artificial lighting.

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