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Kopeck Painting is an interior and exterior house painting company in McLean, VA, and we believe in the perfect mix of customization and affordability. Our house painting services in McLean, VA aim to provide homeowners with the expertise to achieve vibrant color and design, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

While many painting companies promise quality and then under deliver, we promise quality and have made it in to a process that achieves customer satisfaction every time.

With our exterior and interior painting services, you can be confident that we will complete your project right the first time, with speed and attention to the details.

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Exterior Painting   •   Interior Painting   •   Deck Staining   •   Pressure Washing   •    Drywall Repair

Exterior House Painting in McLean, VA

This is our specialty.

Here at Kopeck Painting we take pride in our exterior painting services because we provide paint jobs that look great and protect your most important investment: your home.

When thinking about re-painting the exterior, many homeowners opt for cheap paint and cheap services. This approach, however, often leaves homeowners paying greater sums down the road, as they invest in more cheap paint and more cheap service.

Investing in modern paint technology and professional painting services will save you time and money, now and in the future.


Our exterior painting services cover:

Wood siding, stucco, brick, all types of composite siding   •   Sheds, barns, garages, and guest houses   •   Pergolas and patio covers   •   Doors and shutters   •   Decks and fences (any size)

Interior House Painting in McLean, VA

Freshen up your home.

Our interior house painting services are a great avenue for home improvement that it is low in cost, yet high in value. Refreshing your home’s interior can turn chipped, faded walls into smooth, vibrant borders for your room.

Understanding the value a new coat of paint can add to your home, we provide custom–yet affordable–interior painting services to homeowners in McLean, VA.

With professional speed, and careful attention to detail, we can cost-effectively transform your home. This allows us to do what we do best and allows you to focus on what you really want to be doing.


Our interior painting services cover:

Walls and ceilings   •   Trim work, including: doors, windows, baseboards, and crown molding   •   Cabinet staining and finishing   •   Cabinet painting and finishing

Protective Painting: quality that lasts

Protect your home.

How can we provide lasting quality? It’s all in the preparation. Many companies cut corners in preparing a job site so that they can get done quickly and move on to the next customer. This type of speed and lack of prep work leads to missed details and a paint job with a significantly shorter life span.

Our speed and quality comes from our preparation. By investing skill and focus into the preparation of our work site, we are able to quickly provide a flawless finished product that doesn’t damage your property.

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Kopeck Painting serves Fairfax and surrounding areas.


Kopeck Painting is dedicated to ensuring peace of mind, and security by protecting your most important investment, your home. Our team of painters in McLean, VA take pride in getting the job done with speed and attention to detail.

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“When the time comes for us to do the inside painting that we are considering, we’ll let you know with plenty of warning. Thanks again for keeping our housing looking new.”  -Katrin Mauses
“Honest, hard working and does beautiful work! Highly recommended.”  -Madelyn Mershon
“An extremely dedicated and hardworking crew! You will not be disappointed with their professionalism and talent.”  -Catherine McGrath

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