Kopeck’s Painting Project Process

A Northern VA Home Painting Services Check List

Kopeck Custom Painting is dedicated to providing our customers with precise and accurate home painting services, matching our handiwork to your specifications. We achieve this through our comprehensive project process, which puts you at the center—where you can collaborate with us. This customer-centric focus has made Kopeck one of the top home painting services in Northern Virginia. 

Whether you want to transform your home or simply update its current coat of paint, turn to Kopeck Custom Painting. Our team of seasoned professionals can help create beautifully painted areas within your home or commercial space. We are dedicated to providing you with personalized painting services that fit your needs, preferences, and budget. If you are thinking of starting a painting project for your home or business, contact us today to ensure your project goes smoothly and results in a total transformation.

Below, we go through the steps of our painting project process: 

Scheduling & Questionnaire

When you first contact us, we’ll discuss the general details of your project to establish a basic understanding of your needs and preferences. We will also set a time to meet with you at your home or commercial space to perform a formal estimate for your project. 

Meeting & Service Estimate

Next, one of our representatives will meet with you. They can discuss the finer details of your plans, preferences, and needs. They will also give you an idea of our overall painting process with a step-by-step rundown. Finally, they’ll take measurements of the project areas to get an understanding of the project’s scope.


After our initial estimate meeting, we also make sure to follow up with you. We do so in case you have any questions about our service for your home. You can also ask for previous customer references, pricing, or changes to your upcoming project. 

Site Preparation and Painting

Finally, on the day of service, our team of expert painters will arrive at your home or business with the tools and equipment they will need. They will then prepare the site you want to be painted. However, certain areas differ in how we prepare them: 

Exterior Painting

For exterior home painting projects, we begin by power washing the target surfaces. We also perform spot repairs for cracks, rotted or warped boards, and chipped or peeling walls. 

Additionally, we use detergent to help wash out any mold or mildew found within your property. Essentially, we do everything we can to ensure that your fresh coat of paint has the look and texture you want and lasts as long as possible. 

Interior Painting

For indoor painting projects, we start by removing furnishings, decor, and other valuables from the project area. Also, we move heavy furniture pieces to the middle of the room and cover them with plastic drapes. Finally, we cover the floors with paint-proof tarps. 

Similar to exterior painting, we perform spot repairs–caulking any cracks in the walls, ceiling, or wall trimmings–to ensure a smooth, even appearance, as well as sanding and trimming areas that need it.  

Decks & Fence

For projects involving decks and fences, we prepare their surfaces by power washing, cleaning any contaminants, and opening up pores in the wood. We also use sanders or wire brushes to clear away any blackened areas that have rotted over time, then power wash them again to ensure it is cleared away. 

After these preparatory steps, we begin painting your walls according to your custom-picked colors and patterns. After efficiently completing the project, our experts will then return your rooms to the state they were in without disturbing the drying process of your freshly painted surfaces. In addition to providing you with commercial and home painting services, we also provide you with a 2-year warranty for our work.  

Kopeck Custom Painting: High-Quality Home Painting Services in Northern VA

The above are the essential steps in our custom painting process for each of our customers. Following these has consistently given us satisfied customers, driving our company to be the best home painting services in Northern Virginia. Kopeck Custom Painting employs a team of honest, hardworking professionals who want to help clients create and maintain the homes or businesses they’ve always wanted. If you are seeking to transform your exterior or interiors, consider hiring us. Contact us at (571) 286-0658 to learn more and schedule an appointment to get a free service estimate.