Inviting Exterior Color Palettes Ideas

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We’re told not to judge a book by its cover, but first impressions are hard to shake. Thus, commercial property owners invest significant time and resources into the appearance of their buildings. Paint colors alone–especially striking palettes like ivory, white, and aqua or white, clay, and mossy green–can draw in potential buyers or renters. If your building needs a fresh coat of paint, turn to Kopeck Custom Painting for excellent commercial painting services

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Below, we outline some color palettes that can make your commercial building eye-catching and inviting:

Ivory, White, and Aqua

We’ve discussed how paint colors can transform a kitchen. But what about commercial exteriors? Can the principles of home design and color palettes affect commercial properties as well?

Consider a building with a symmetrical appearance. Depending on its condition, the building’s exterior architecture may look either formal and elegant or dull and uninspired. Nevertheless, the combination of ivory, white, and aqua paints can reinvigorate its appearance and energy. 

The use of light colors rimmed by dark accents creates a traditional aesthetic. Moreover, the splash of aqua blue on a single feature–such as a door–gives the exterior an inimitable spark.

Gray, White, and Dove

If you want a “traditional” color palette and have a brick building, consider gray, white, and dove paints. A subtle off-white, dove is a popular paint choice for brick structures that works well alongside gray and white tones. These unobtrusive colors suit historic neighborhoods and fit with such classic features as shutters.

Deep Sea Blue, White, and Red

Commercial Painting Services Gainesville VA

Inviting palettes do not require subtle or traditional colors. Indeed, you can apply some bold shades to make your property stand out from the others in its neighborhood. A deep teal (or “deep sea” blue) alongside a dark red will attract the eyes of passers-by. Moreover, this color combination shows off your patriotic side!

Black, White, and Mediterranean Blue

Want a dash of the Mediterranean atmosphere without traveling overseas for it? Try using black, white, and Mediterranean blue on your building, particularly if it has a stucco exterior. This combination can be your take on the Mediterranean design style and appeal to those looking for such a feeling.

White, Clay, and Mossy Green

If you’d like to recreate a bit of nature’s splendor, combine white, clay, and mossy green paints. Earth and clay tones have become a popular home painting trend, which many folks pair with minimalist furniture and decor. Nevertheless, there’s no reason you can’t use it on your commercial property. Mossy green, in particular, can add natural beauty to an urban landscape.

Chocolate, Ocean Blue, and Pale Blue

If your building incorporates modern architectural features, we recommend using one color in different saturations as a bold pairing. In this case, two shades of blue will contrast with a dark brown to emphasize the clean lines of modern-style architecture.

White and Green

If you prefer simplicity above all else, pair one accent color (such as green) with clean white paint. This effective combination can appear elegant thanks to its restraint and stately details.

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