In making the decision to either hire an interior painter or tackle the project yourself on a Saturday, you need to calculate the interior painting cost of your project.

Sometimes, dollar-wise, it makes sense to buy a can of paint and paint a small room yourself.

For some larger projects, however, where you don’t have the time, hiring a professional can perform difficult painting jobs and finish quickly.

In order to determine which option is best for you, always calculate the cost of any interior painting job using these simple tips:

  • Calculate the surface area
  • Determine the amount of materials
  • Factor in labor costs

Size of Area

The first step in calculating interior painting cost is to calculate the surface area which needs painting. If you are painting a house, you can probably find the total surface dimensions in the plans somewhere, or you can go room by room and measure yourself.

If you’re going to measure a room, don’t include windows and doors in your surface area estimate–you won’t be painting those.

Additionally, remember to calculate the square footage of the ceiling too, as well as add about 10% for extra touch-ups.

If you’d like to find the answer without trying to remember your multiplication tables, then just plug in the number into one of these online surface area calculators.


As you can see in the handy paint calculators included above, you can not only figure out how large your room is, but how much paint you’ll need to paint it!

The average paint can covers 350 square feet. However, the exact type of paint you are buying might cover more or less than this amount.

Most rooms will also need a second coat, or a primer and then a top coat. Factor that into your purchasing as well.

Most paint cans run anywhere from $15-$30 a can, but be sure to find out the exact price before estimating how much you’ll need.

When it comes to brushes and rollers, for most interior painting you will need both. A brush to “cut in” around the corners and baseboard, and a roller cage and roller cover for the walls.

You should purchase as many roller covers as you have types of paint (one for primer, one for top coat, etc.). Read here for more interior painting techniques.


How long does it take to paint a room? That depends. A small room, under 650 square feet will probably take you a few hours to tape, cover / move furniture, and prime and paint.

How do you gauge whether it would be cheaper to paint it yourself or hire someone?

If you have a free Saturday and the room is small, then go ahead! Complete your project that day.

However, for larger projects where you can’t finish them up on one Saturday by yourself, you might need to hire a professional.

Depending on your area, the average price per square foot to hire a painting company will differ. Check out Thumbtack’s or HomeAdvisor’s local interior painting cost calculator for your area by typing in your area code.


Are you still looking for help determining your interior painting cost?

Homewyse developed an online calculator that will show you the average price of painting a room in your area under several different circumstances.

If you have any questions about interior painting or would like to find out Kopeck Painting’s estimate for your project, call us up!