Interesting Interior Painting Facts

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With a growing number of people working remotely, individuals are looking for ways to improve the comfortability of their homes. Home improvement projects take a lot of time and effort. One of the most efficient and simple ways to improve your home’s appearance is with new paint on the walls. While this can be done on your own, to ensure it’s done right the first time around, we recommend working with an experienced bedroom wall painting expert for assistance.

Kopeck Custom Painting understands that improving your home with a fresh coat of paint takes time, but our bedroom wall painting experts can help you choose the right paint for your bedroom. We only offer the highest quality of paint brands and interior painting services for your convenience. As we’ve helped numerous residents throughout the Northern VA area, you can rely on us to provide you with an efficient and easy painting experience that ends with beautiful results.

Before you begin your painting project, here are a few interesting and important paint facts that you might find useful!

  1. Different Colors Affect Your Mood
    Color has been one of the most effective ways to improve our moods. The aspect of color can make a room feel more spacious, tiny, or warm. Before selecting paint colors, keep in mind how you want to “feel” in each room to help you determine which color will work best.Having the paint color paired along with furniture and accessories can help a room ultimately feel more or less welcoming. Use paint chips or samples to your advantage to see which colors will accent your furniture and other room elements.
  2. Lead-based Paint was Banned in 1978
    If your home was built before 1978, then you may have lead-based paint on your walls. Lead-based paint was banned by the federal government in 1978, as it was one of the most common causes of lead poisoning.Lead-based paint that’s in poor condition–chipping, peeling, cracking, damp, and chalking–is a severe hazard that requires immediate attention. Lead-contaminated dust is also a hazard, which occurs when these surfaces are frequently bumped into or rubbed.

    Keeping your painted surfaces in excellent condition will help you reduce your exposure to lead-based paint and dust.

  3. Interior Paint Dries Quicker in 70 Degree Temperatures
    It’s important to know that paint dries the fastest at about 70 degrees. When planning a painting project, keep in mind the season and weather conditions. You don’t want to plan a family gathering or housewarming while your paint is still trying to dry, so determine which time would be best for you based on this.
  4. Paint Can Be Recycled
    If you have leftover paint after your project’s completion, consider donating it to a school organization or club. You can also try asking family, friends, or members of your community if they would like to reuse the paint for their projects as well.It’s important to note that not all paint is reusable. If the paint cannot be reused, then you may need to follow the Virginia Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Management Program. Oil-based paint cannot be recycled so you will need to utilize the HHW program. For water-based paint, recycling may be an option depending on your area, so check if there are special collections available in your area.

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