The colors you choose to paint the interior of your house will impact the feel of your home so it is something you want to think about carefully. Whether you are looking to repaint only one room in your house or are choosing an entirely new scheme of paints for everywhere, your palette choice will factor into the personality your home presents.

Planning To Paint Inside Your Home

Interior House PaintingFirst and foremost, you must choose a color.

Before choosing your paint color, go into the room in consideration and take a good look around: how is the light in the room? Are there a lot of windows? Is it a big space or a small space? What about the trim? (Understanding the space you are painting is essential and home renovation should also be considered).

These questions can help point you in the right direction as far as color and tone go. For instance, a room that doesn’t have good natural light would probably look better if painted with a light color. It’s good to take a look at your trim as well. Matching your paint colors to other materials in the room will help give it a more professional looking finish.

How To Paint Your House Interior

What You’ll Need To Paint


Needless to say, there are tools you will need for your painting project. Everyone knows you couldn’t get very far on a new paint job without a roller and brush.

How To Paint Your House Interior

What everyone doesn’t know is that there are certain rollers and brushes that work better on certain surfaces and on certain areas. You should browse list of brush and roller types before starting your painting project.

Aside from the obvious fact that you need the paint itself to get the job done, you may want to consider a primer as well. Finally, you will likely need a handful of painting tools, including a paint tray, a ladder, masking tape, drip sheets.

Preparing To Paint Your Houses Interior

This is where all the real fun begins! First, if you are painting an already furnished room, remove everything from the walls. It may be a good idea to remove any small breakable items from the room as well. To ensure you get the most professional finish you can, consider washing all your walls down and removing any unwanted filth that may be on the surface. After this, the taping the edges of the room can help you leave even lines where trim / crown and the wall meet.

If you are going for the professional looking finish and priming your walls before you paint them, now is the time to do it. Priming is especially recommended if painting over dark colors. Once the priming is all done, you can finally start applying the colored paint. It is highly suggested that you test the color you choose. Pick a small area on your wall to paint over: let the paint dry and take a look to make sure you like the color before you paint the entire room.


Preparing for painting is the most important part of any painting job. What you do before you start slapping paint on your project determines whether or not your room, siding, or deck will look good and last. Make sure you take your time prepping for your painting project.

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