How to Know When It’s Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Exterior Painting Fairfax VA

Your home’s exterior paint can suffer extensive weathering that onlookers may fail to notice upon a passing glance. Upon closer inspection, however, you may discover surface damage, cracks, peeling, bubbles, stains, fading, and dingy paint–all of which indicate the need for a fresh coat. Whether this situation applies to you or you simply want a new color, contact your local exterior painting service for professional and convenient work.

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Below, we discuss the signs that your home’s exterior needs a new paint coat:

Surface Damage

Exterior wall damage, such as mold growths and rot, affects your paint. Check your home’s siding, stucco, or wood for these things and have any major damage repaired. Additionally, identify and address the source of the problem to prevent further damage. Common causes of exterior water damage include clogged gutters, dysfunctional downspouts, and cracked caulk. 

To deliver outstanding results, the Kopeck team begins every exterior painting project by replacing rotten or warped boards and applying fresh caulk where cracks have formed. Furthermore, we use high-quality, water-repellent paint to mitigate future water damage. 

Cracks, Peeling, & Bubbles 

Extreme weather elements—including heat, cold, and moisture—can warp your home’s exterior paint. Moreover, paint applied to a surface for more than 5-10 years can suffer these issues even without extreme conditions. So, inspect your home for cracking, peeling, and bubbling paint to protect the sensitive building materials from serious damage.

Before painting your home, our professionals sand and prime chipped or peeling paint. We also scrape away paint no longer bonded to the surface. Also, we suggest having your home painted regularly to prevent it from incurring these types of superficial damage.

Stains, Fading, or Dingy Paint

Besides protecting your home from weather elements, paint also contributes to your home’s appearance. Stained, faded, or dingy paint decreases your home’s curb appeal by undermining its visible beauty.

Sometimes, people confuse dirt for dingy paint, so we power wash exterior surfaces before painting them. Doing so also helps the fresh paint adhere to the surface.

Outdated Color

Regardless of the paint’s condition, sometimes your home just needs a fresh color! Paint is a great solution for modernizing dated looks, such as gaudy brick or drab wood. Maintain your home’s fresh appearance by updating the color to something trendy or timeless. Some sophisticated options include:

  • White: Choose a crisp shade with balanced undertones.
  • Neutral Hues: Tan, cream, and gray tones are fresh and timeless options.
  • Dark & Moody: A modern option that works with deep blue or black.
  • Earth Tones: Select a sage or brown that will complement your surrounding landscape.

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Exterior Painting Fairfax VA

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