How to Choose Paint Colors for Different Rooms in Your Home

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The overwhelming variety of available choices makes choosing paint colors for your home an intimidating task. So, we suggest applying color psychology to guide your choices for each room. This approach starts with a simple question: how do I want to feel in this room? Whatever your answer, turn to professional residential painters to handle the paint job for you!

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Below, we discuss how to choose paint colors for the major rooms in your home:


Kitchens call for a light, neutral color like white. Light colors help the room look both spacious and clean. They also allow other elements—including cabinets, furniture, and appliances—to shine, granting you the flexibility to choose different colors and materials. Furthermore, white walls accommodate bold accents, such as textured countertops, backsplashes, and other features. 

Living Room

Like kitchens, living rooms also benefit from lighter colors that enlarge occupants’ perception of the space. We recommend a slightly pigmented color, such as gray-based white or an understated gray. According to color psychology, gray portrays balance. This impression makes it an excellent shade for gathering spaces and hallways. Moreover, a light, neutral gray provides a clean slate for living room furnishings.


As you consider paint colors for your bedroom, focus on inspiring tranquility. Your bedroom should feel calming and safe, so use a creamy beige to evoke warmth or a light blue to create a sense of ease. Applying one or the other on the ceiling to complement warm white walls will enliven the space and provide a mid-century modern touch.

In kids’ bedrooms, try using pastel colors, which feel spirited and cheerful yet also soft and soothing. Doing so creates an environment suitable for creativity and imagination as well as rest and sleep. Creating subtle and flexible palettes also decreases the likelihood of your children growing out of their bedrooms. We also recommend using a neutral color and layering in pastels via an accent wall, furniture, fabrics, and art.


Residential Painters Warrenton VA

Bathrooms, especially powder rooms, are smaller than other rooms and afford more risk-taking. Try choosing a dark, moody color like forest green or a rich jewel tone to create a bit of drama. Doing so can make your powder room feel like a hidden enclave, dressed in deeply saturated colors. The contrast between these shadowy shades, metal hardware, and light tiles will create intriguing dimensions and depth.


For your home office, aim to inspire focus and motivation with light, neutral colors or dark, moody tones. The former can invoke poise and fortitude through a rich navy or charcoal blue, while the latter keeps things nice and bright to create a mellow and productive space with whites, greys, and other neutrals. Despite their divergent effects, you can’t go wrong with either option.

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