How to Choose A Paint Color for Your Business

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While wall painting may feel like a matter of maintenance, it contains an element of design. Businesses, for instance, must choose a proper color that represents their establishment. If this population includes you, consider your brand, how to stand out from your competitors, and the paint’s functional concerns. If you need help, a professional office painting service can assist you in choosing the best paint color.

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Below, we outline how to choose a paint color for your business:

Consider Your Brand

Assume a holistic approach when selecting a paint color. You should look for something that speaks to your business’ brand. Indeed, businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence can communicate their brand message through visual cues like color. So, choose yours intentionally.

Your logo and theme colors should act as the basis for your decision of paint colors. Refer to your branding and marketing materials to decide whether you should use one of your brand colors or a complementary color.

Businesses that have bright, upbeat brand colors may want to transfer a similar level of energy to their wall colors. Alternatively, those with more refined brand colors may consider a neutral shade on their wall to complement their primary colors.

Stand Out From Your Competitors 

Your business’s appearance should make a strong impression on your customers. Therefore, your paint color should help you stand out against competitors. In some cases, doing so entails using bold color; in others, a subtle color may give you an edge.

If you have brick-and-mortar premises, you should also consider the color schemes of surrounding businesses. For exterior painting, choose a color to differentiate your building from neighboring ones—though avoid using a clashing color.

Account for Functionality

Beyond its design element, look for a functional paint color. Consider how much wear and tear the paint will undergo. Doing so can help you determine the shade you choose as well as how long you can expect to have the color on your walls. 

Choose a color that can age for several years without going out of style. A professional painter can advise you on how soon you should have your space repainted, but Kopeck recommends repainting every 3-5 years. Keep in mind that most businesses rebrand every 7-10 years, so you may repaint your space once you decide to rebrand.

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