How Ceiling Paint Differs from Wall Paint

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While many folks outside the fields of home improvement and contracting don’t know it, ceilings and walls require different paints. Developed for each surface’s conditions, the hue and texture of these paints can last for years. To achieve this–as ceiling painting service providers know–the products differ in composition, colors, and characteristics.

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Below, we outline the idiosyncrasies of ceiling paint and wall paint:


First, the chemical composition of the two paints differs (again, to better suit their intended surface). Manufacturers design ceiling paint to cover, stick, and hide. The substance is more viscous than its wall-bound counterpart, which prevents splatters and dripping. It also absorbs, rather than reflects, light to obscure surface imperfections.

Conversely, wall paint is designed for durability and presentation. It can withstand scrubbing with soap and water since many homeowners wash their walls. Moreover, it comes in several finishes that provide a variety of effects and moods.

Due to their compositional distinctions, the pricing of wall and ceiling paints differ. Since wall paint comes with a finish and must look presentable, it tends to run at a higher cost. This is a great reason to abstain from using wall paint on a ceiling.


Next, the color options and drying processes of these paints also diverge. Ceiling paint comes in limited colors; most people choose traditional white, as it complements a variety of other wall colors. However, many ceiling paints go on as pale blue or pink then dry white to help painters apply an even coat. 

Wall paints, meanwhile, offer a great deal of flexibility. The variety of colors, finishes, and styles allow painters to influence a room’s atmosphere. Indeed, their knowledge and versatility in this realm are one of the many reasons to hire professional painters. Furthermore, they may appear a slightly different shade while wet then dry to the correct one.

Special Qualities

Finally, wall and ceiling paints have mutually exclusive peculiarities. We mentioned many of ceiling paint’s traits above: its viscousness, absorption of light, etc. Yet another is that it effectively covers a ceiling with just one coat, though many folks choose to apply more.

Moreover, many contractors have found creative ways to use ceiling paint. For instance, after covering most of a ceiling with white, they may use one rich color to create a focal point. The universality of white ceiling paint allows them to innovate fresh applications.

As we’ve already said, wall paint’s variety facilitates a range of interior styles and moods. For instance, extra durable types can go in particularly messy spaces (such as a child’s bedroom). Nevertheless, a well-applied wall paint includes benefits like improved physical and emotional health.

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