Successful painting companies are the first ones to tell you that they’re leaning heavily on marketing.

And blogs play a huge role in that. We aren’t the first ones to notice that, but we thought we’d do a little digging and see if we could find out exactly how their blog (i.e. content marketing strategy) helped their painting businesses.

Painting businesses have some needs unique to its industry, which is why we wanted to find out what it takes to be successful content marketers for a painting company.

As a result our curiosity, we reached out to the experts in the painting industry and asked for their insights into how their blog strategy helped their business. Here’s what we found:

Josh Abramson
Chief Solutionist

It has helped our business in the sense that it allows us to help others – so it’s really a reflection of our Painting Happiness philosophy. As far as strategy, we keep all our content focused around providing value which can include an in-depth painting guide for homeowners, writing about our own local charity events, or featuring other local businesses and organizations that are doing something good in our community. We don’t stick to a strict publishing schedule, if we have something to say that provides real value, then we’ll write about it.”

Lindsey Mueller
Office Manager

Our blog has helped our business by expanding our web presence and driving traffic to our website within and beyond our service area, and by demonstrating our expertise in our field to our clients. Our goal is to post a new blog on a quarterly basis at a minimum. Our posts tend to be about various topics in the painting industry from a contractor’s perspective, presented in a format that will make sense and be informative to homeowners. We also occasionally post blogs highlighting specific projects that we’ve done or recognition we’ve earned in the community.”

Chris Haught

How has your blog (content marketing) strategy helped your business?
“Having a variety of content on my company’s website allow me to showcase projects and establish my knowledge, experience and authority on topics. Many times during an estimate I am able to bring up a post that deals with an issue or service that is being discussed. I also linked posts in my emails to potential clients.”


What does your blog posting strategy look like (frequency, topics, etc)?
“Although my friend . . . suggests using an editorial calendar, I never did! I often have half a dozen drafts/blog post ideas going, but recent projects and frequently asked questions are my favorite posts. As I mentioned above, it is very powerful to answer a customer’s question with a blog post and say, ‘yes, we have done that.’”


Any advice you can share?
“By using posts of projects, and showing my own employees on local projects, it serves as point of differentiation when potential customers are looking at two contractor’s websites. Position yourself as the local expert by creating useful posts written for the reader, not SEO! Use those posts to post to local Facebook groups and tweet them out.”

Kristin Williams

“When I first got the idea for this blog, we were painting our first home and I was looking all over the internet trying to find a website where I could see pictures of real rooms in spaces with paint colors included, to give me a better idea of what the color would look like. I couldn’t find that anywhere, so I thought, why don’t I create one myself? So that’s what I did. My strategy of organizing each post by color and room and providing a database and blog of just paint colors has made it successful because it’s unique and easy to find when searching for paint colors.


As far as my posting strategy, I try and post four times a week. I feature some of my favorite spaces and colors, and on Fridays I get paint colors off of Instagram, which can give my readers a good idea of paint color trends and what’s popular. I also like to put together color palettes – for this I do anything to exterior color combinations to my most popular paint colors on the blog. It gives my readers a good place to start if they are beginning at square one when picking out a paint color. We have a fixer upper, so I occasionally post about our own home and colors I have chosen for myself.”

Kevin Nolan

We blog frequently on the topics and questions that our customers are talking and asking questions about. Our blog establishes us as a leader in the industry. Nolan Painting’s web site gets a tremendous amount of traffic and our blog ensures that the information we share is relevant.”

3 Key Ways Blog Strategy Has Helped Painting Companies

Their Company Is Authentic

These experts have found that the most important part of having a blog is providing real value to the customer, not simply publishing because it’s Monday and that’s what the schedule says. Publishing blog articles should be giving value to your customers which they didn’t even know they wanted. With your painting blog, you should provide answers to all their questions, even the ones which they haven’t thought of yet.

They Can Demonstrate Expertise

The second great thing about having a blog is that it showcases your own level of expertise for prospective clients to see. When a client hears about you and looks you up online, if he or she is greeted by a blog full of answers, then that reflects well on you. Without a blog talking about different problems that customers might be having regarding painting, customers have to take your word that you are an expert. Show them with your blog – don’t just tell them.


It Makes It Easy To Find Answers

It is important, these experts have found, to create your blog so that answers are easy to find for readers. Many painters pride themselves on their customer service, but neglect their online presence and blog. The only way to provide excellent customer service over the internet is by firstly, providing great content, and secondly, organizing your website so that those answers are easy to find.

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think are the most important ways that your blogging strategy has made you a successful painting company? Share your advice and experience in the comments below!