Exterior Home Painting Rules You Shouldn’t Break

Exterior Of House In Gainesville VA Needs Quality Home Painting Services

Painting the exterior of your home is no easy feat and requires the assistance of a professional exterior home painting expert, especially if your home is larger. If you don’t have the time, proper tools, and knowledge of painting your Gainesville, VA home, then working together with a professional exterior home painter will save you more upfront.

At Kopeck Custom Painting, you can rely on our team to manage and complete your exterior painting project quickly and efficiently. We take time to wash, scrape, sand, caulk and prime your surfaces to ensure your new coat of paint looks exactly how you envisioned.

Below, we discuss 8 home painting rules you shouldn’t skip out on.

  • Always Choose High Quality Materials

When you settle for lower quality paint, it won’t last as long or cover as well as higher quality paints do. Investing in paint that has a lifetime warranty is a good rule of thumb, as it won’t have any particular defects or insufficiencies in the finish.

  • Prepare Before Painting

Many homeowners make the mistake of being too hasty and skipping preparation. In order for paint to adhere efficiently, it must be applied to clean surfaces and dry smoothly as well.

  • Avoid Lead-based Paint

Considering that most house paints don’t contain lead, there may be traces of lead in your current paint covering your surfaces. If your paint was applied around or before  1978, then it’s likely to contain lead.

The US Environmental Protection Agency notes that if any home improvement projects involve lead-based paint, then the paint can produce lead dust or chips. These are considered hazardous conditions that may cause a variety of symptoms and conditions including anemia, weakness, memory loss and more.

  • Apply Multiple Coats of Paint

Depending on the surface you’re painting, you may need to apply more than one layer of paint. While this seems like a simple task, many homeowners find it difficult to maintain an even layer of paint after multiple coats.

  • Use Proper Tools

When it comes to painting your home yourself, you may not think that higher quality tools can make a difference, but they do. Professional painters have these readily available for each project, so acquiring their assistance may reduce your overall project expenses.

  • Paint During Adequate Temperature

The best time to paint the outside of your home is when the weather is between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature is too hot, it will cause the paint to dry too fast. If you work with a professional painter, consider discussing with them when you should paint your home to ensure your exterior update doesn’t result in disaster.

  • Protect Your Items

Painting your home exterior includes protecting your landscaping and features from paint exposure. Covering these additional surfaces and features will prevent additional cleanup of paint spills.

  • If You Hire Experts, Compare Quotes & Project Quality

Many homeowners find working with an experienced painter beneficial. If you are considering working with an expert, have at least three painting companies in mind. Ask them for previous references and projects to get an idea of their project management and work quality. Also compare the quotes they’ve provided to see if it suits your budget.

Professional Home Painting Services in Gainesville, VA

At Kopeck Custom Painting, our team has the experience to ensure you receive high-quality products and services that meet your exterior home painting needs. We serve clients in Gainesville, VA, with lasting solutions for their siding, garages, decks, fences and more. We also offer pressure washing to prep the area as needed to ensure a lasting paint job.

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