Choosing the Right Interior Color Palette

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After some time, every homeowner will consider how they can refresh their home’s interior. This could result in simply rearranging furniture or even having extensive renovations done. However, sometimes it just takes a new color scheme to revitalize your home’s interior design. You may be able to paint one or several rooms by yourself, but this can often be difficult and time-consuming without the proper experience.

However, with experts from Kopeck Custom Painting, your next interior painting project can be done efficiently and precisely within your needs and preferences. Our team has provided high-quality home painting services in Northern Virginia to both residents and commercial businesses. Our attention to detail and efficiency has ensured consistent customer satisfaction over the past several years.

Below, we provide a suggested guide toward selecting the right color palette for your home’s interior:

Select Your Colors

The first thing to do is to select the colors you want in your home’s overall color palette. There are numerous resources available to help you choose, both online and in-person.

Primarily, there are free swatches of different colors for you to choose from at various home improvement stores. Use them as inspiration for what you have in mind for your home.

Additionally, to get a bigger picture of the diverse range of colors to choose from, utilize a color wheel. It not only provides nearly every different shade and hue of each primary color (red, blue, & yellow), as well as their secondary and tertiary colors, but it also allows you to see which colors contrast or complement each other.

Using these resources to their fullest will make selecting the colors within your palette much easier.

Consider Your Type Of Color Scheme

While selecting the colors you’d like to use in your interior color palette, another aspect to consider is the type of color scheme you’d like to use for it.

A color scheme is essentially the combination of colors that make up your palette. There are a variety of combinations that each achieve a unique and appealing effect, depending on your preference of course. Here are some potential color schemes you could use:


  • Monochromatic: This color scheme uses different shades of the same color to create a nice, even appearance throughout the interior you use them in. An example is using a pale sky blue with a darker royal blue.
  • Analogous: Though it is a bit more intricate, this color scheme provides many unique and attractive results. It involves using two or three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. For example, triads like yellow, orange, and green create an excellent analogous color scheme that produces a greater vibrancy when used within interior spaces.
  • Complementary: This type of color scheme uses colors that oppose each other on the color wheel (or complementary colors that create high contrast). Examples include orange and blue or green and red. This opposition in color is another color scheme that produces a bold and captivating atmosphere within your interior.

What To Base Your Colors On

Although they may not be present during the interior painting process, it is vital that you consider your furniture and decor first when choosing your color palette, unless you are purchasing new furniture along with painting your home.

Whatever the case may be, your wall’s color scheme must match that of your furniture and decor. If not, the overall interior design will clash with itself and become visibly unappealing to you over time.

Sample Your Chosen Colors

Once you have chosen your color scheme, make sure that you are satisfied by getting some samples from the store and painting small areas of your walls. This works especially well if you are painting multiple areas of your home at once.

For example, if you’d like to have one color scheme in your living room and another in the hallway, paint small sections of each color where the walls intersect.

This allows you to see whether your different color schemes create a consistent flow from one space to another.

Overall, it’s best to see how the colors appear on the wall rather than relying on swatches and pictures. Sampling your colors will give you a better idea of what they’ll look like across the entire wall.

Selecting the right color scheme can require quite a bit of thought, consideration, and experimentation. However, by following the suggestions above, you can complete the process with ease.

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