Bedroom Painting: How to Achieve Your Style

Empty bedroom prepped for bedroom wall painting

Many people spend much more time in their homes these days than before COVID. And, at a certain point, you might start to make your own changes. We suggest that you begin with where you lay your head: the bedroom. Repainting your bedroom can be a great way to refresh its appearance and encourage further changes to the rest of the house. 


At Kopeck Custom Painting, we have helped numerous homeowners paint or repaint their interiors. Our experts will work with you to bring together your favored design and color palettes in perfect harmony. Then, our team provides efficient bedroom wall painting services no matter how complex or unique the pattern is. We have provided our expert interior painting services to clients in Warrenton and across Northern Virginia, who have always enjoyed our fast and impressive work. 


Below, we offer a few ideas for you to consider when planning your bedroom’s new design: 

A Few Ways to Paint a Stylish Bedroom

Incorporate Unique Molding

One way to create a distinctive bedroom style is to install molding around your bedroom walls and ceiling. This creates an extra layer of texture to your room, and provides additional design choices. For example, you can paint the molding a distinct color that compliments the bedroom wall. 


Add Patterns or Stripes

Another technique for styling your bedroom is by implementing unique patterns or stripes. We’ve helped numerous homeowners transform their bedrooms by painting one or more walls with harlequin, polka dots, flowing streaks, or complex stencil paint designs. The patterns as well as the color palette you choose help to create an intriguing bedroom style. 


Match with the Ceiling

Another design idea is to integrate your ceiling paint into your overall paint design. For example, one or several stripes could rise from the bottom of a wall, continue across the ceiling, and come back down along the opposite wall. This is an incomparable paint design for any room, and even works with patterns other than stripes. 


Consider a Metallic Sheen

Finally, you may also consider using a metallic paint design, as it will give your walls a reflective sheen and take advantage of your bedroom’s natural and artificial light. Doing so adds both color and light to your bedroom’s aesthetic. Metallic paints provide a unique look to your room but are difficult to paint onto walls. However, our expert interior painters can efficiently apply any metallic paint design you want. 


Some Bold & Distinctive Colors We Recommend

The simplest way that homeowners create a new style with paint design is by painting their walls a new color. We recommend going a step further by choosing one of these uncommon but striking choices: 


Soft Black

Not many bedrooms are painted black, as it isn’t a particularly energizing or vibrant color. While it contrasts well with most others, painting a whole bedroom in a soft, matte black can give it a laid-back and intimate atmosphere. Matched with warm-colored wood floors and appropriate furnishings, your bedroom could have a stand-out, singular design. 


Cream White

Although it also contrasts well, a bright, soft cream white can give your bedroom a distinct appearance. Similar to soft black, cream paint produces a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your bedroom. It is especially good as a backdrop to emphasize more colorful decorative elements. 


Sage Green

Keeping in line with soft, relaxed color tones, sage green is another outstanding choice. It allows one to match and pair all sorts of color palettes while producing a verdant, calming effect. With accents of gold, black, grays, and whites, you can easily create a unique aesthetic. 


Kopeck Custom Painting: Excellent Bedroom Wall Painting in Warrenton, VA

These options are just some of the ways to make your bedroom look extraordinary. At Kopeck Custom Painting, we know how much of an impact a simple paint job can have on a room. Our quality bedroom wall painting and interior painting services are among the most renowned in Warrenton and throughout Northern Virginia. We specialize in providing clients with the precise color and design patterns they want in their homes, and we succeed by consistently delivering. Contact us at (571) 286-0658 to learn more about our services and get a free estimate today!