9 Paint Colors That Will Transform Your Kitchen

interior painting contractors in Gainesville VAColor has the power to improve your mood, set a stylish tone, and increase your home’s value. You can transform your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint in a trendy but timeless hue. Choose from blues, greens, and neutrals so that your kitchen matches your desires. Then, let professional interior painting in Gainesville, VA, provide you with high-quality results.

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  • Dusty Blue
    This calming blue is both cheery and muted enough to use in your kitchen from cupboards to island. Dusty blue is a medium shade with whitish-grey undertones, and your kitchen will subtly speak for itself with this restful color. Use black metals, oak, and light marble to create contrast.
  • Stormy Blue
    A moody, shaded blue with grey undertones, stormy blue evokes the characteristic “cool” sensation blue tones without coming off too strong. It is light enough to feel fresh while dark enough to evoke emotion. Stormy blue also pairs beautifully with warm marble and dark wood tones.
  • Marine Navy
    Luxurious and brooding, marine navy adds a mysterious twist on a classic color. This hue is grounding in daylight and masculine by nightlight. Take it floor to ceiling for a dramatic statement. You can offset it with white for a bright contrast or keep it bold with warm wood tones and gold accents.


  • Antique Teal
    Dark yet energetic, antique teal will enthrall your kitchen with its sleek appeal. Inspired by lush jungles, this color transforms homes. Add pops of orange or pink in your decor with brushed metal hardware for a Guatemalan flare. Or, give it the final say by pairing with black and white tile.
  • Sage Green
    Beloved by many in all spaces of the home, sage green has a particular presence in the kitchen. Evoking the ancient Mediterranean herb fundamental to Western cuisine, sage green sets a tranquil mood in the heart of the home. Comfortably coat the walls of your kitchen with this muted beauty that complements stainless steel and medium wood tones.
  • Verdant Green
    Perhaps the biggest color trend of the year, verdant green is emerging in all its lush splendor. This lively color can energize your kitchen when paired with white backsplash tiles. 


  • True White
    True white is crisp, fresh, and lively! Choose this interior paint color for your walls if you have dark cabinets or countertops. 
  • Soft Taupe
    Soft taupe fits almost any home style from contemporary to modern and farmhouse. Moreover, it is light enough to brighten the room and muted enough to mask discoloration. 
  • Chocolate Brown
    Brown is a grounding, earthy color for kitchens. It imparts a rich warmth for a rustic feel. Choose from a variety of reddish-brown tones for a desert appeal, or opt for a classic chocolate shade to compliment medium-toned cabinets and countertops.

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