8 Paint Colors that Boost Office Productivity

Kopeck specializes in office painting services, which can help energize your employees.
Kopeck specializes in office painting services, which can help energize your employees.

Whether you’ve heard it or not, the color of a room can affect one’s mood. A surrounding color can invoke positivity, comfort, calmness, or even urgency. If you are looking to paint your office, consider Kopeck Custom Painting for quality office painting services in Northern Virginia.

Whether you are a business owner who wants to boost workforce productivity, or you are a work-from-home employee who needs a little more motivation, our painting experts can assist you. If you are considering what color to change your commercial or home office for more motivation, consider the ones we list below.


Blue has been found to increase productivity by stimulating the mind. Different shades of blue can have an impact on more than just productivity. For example, some shades of blue can also promote stability and calmness. Others can produce a sense of professionalism and dependability.

Best industries for a blue-colored office include:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Healthcare


It’s easy to understand why green represents growth and balance. As the color of nature, green can invoke a secure feeling in the workplace, bringing positive and refreshing energy to your employees. Using its darker and brighter shades can make a huge difference. Colors like Forest or Sacramento green can create a sense of harmony within your office, while lighter greens can provide vibrancy and excitement.

Best industries for a green-colored office include:

  • Environmental firms
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Non-Profits


Red can come with a variety of different strong emotions, as it can represent both love and anger. Certain shades are used to stimulate the body and create urgency. Others can make your employees feel intense energy and focus.

Best industries for a red-colored office include:

  • Restaurants, Bistros, & Cafes
  • Entertainment
  • Fire Protection & Restoration
  • Sports


Yellow represents opportunity and fresh energy. It’s used to stimulate, energize, and spark creativity in your employees. This color stimulates the left side of your brain, which helps with quick decision making as well as clear thinking.

Best industries for a yellow-colored office include:

  • Restaurants and Bistros
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Leisure


A brown-colored office may sound off-putting at first, but it has proven to be one of the more grounded wall colors. Brown is best for suppressing negative emotions and creating warmth. A brown office produces feelings of stability, strength, and comfort.

Best industries for a brown-colored office include:

  • Law
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Food


A purple-colored office, depending on the shade, can help create a variety of different emotions. The color purple is used to inspire and encourage creativity. The emotions that come with this color include a sense of imagination, compassion, and spirituality. The color can also inspire self-awareness and reflection.

Best industries for a purple-colored office include:

  • Humanitarian organizations
  • Health and Wellness centers
  • Therapist/Psychologist


Employees often feel peaceful or calm in a gray office. Gray can be used in all industries but should be used in combination with other colors to ensure your employees get a maximum benefit from their surroundings.

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