6 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Commercial Painter

White wallpaper being painted by paintbrush

Painting services shouldn’t be complicated. Nevertheless, you should look for more than a steady hand and a diligent mindset from your painting contractor. Do they have insurance? Do they offer a warranty for their work? What is their reputation among their peers and clients? Factoring these points into your decision will ensure your project is done right.


If you’re looking for reliable commercial painting contractors around Gainesville, VA, turn to Kopeck Custom Painting. We provide professional painting services to small and medium-sized commercial properties including offices, restaurants, stores, and more. If you’re a property manager who’s interested in our services, consider our FREE Commercial Painter-For-A-Day option. We offer this perk to all first-time clients in the hope of starting a healthy, long-term relationship.


Below, we discuss six concerns that you should explore before hiring a commercial painter:

Concerns 1-3: Certifications & Guarantees

Before ladders are set or paint cans are opened, you should research your potential painting contractor. Just one preliminary item could make a contractor a liability. This is why Kopeck outlines its insurances, licenses, and warranty online


  1. Does the contractor have insurance? Establish whether the contractor has business liability (with a million-dollar limit) to protect your property from potential damages. Also, ensure they carry workers’ comp, which helps to protect you from accident liability.  
  2. Does the contractor have proper licensing? Some painting licenses only cover residential properties, others only extend to certain size buildings, and so on. This information should be available online – all responsible contractors will make it readily accessible.  
  3. What’s the contractor’s warranty program? If you’re unhappy with their work, you should have the option to call the painter about corrections. This is why Kopeck offers a two-year warranty for all labor and materials. 


Concern 4: Reputation

  1. What is your potential contractor’s standing in the industry and among past clients? You might even ask the contractor directly for business references. Again, responsible contractors will gladly provide them – those that hesitate should give you pause as well. 


At Kopeck, we take pride in our work, and our clients have noticed. We post customer reviews on our website, sourced from Google and Facebook, as an assurance of our quality. Building rapport with clients entails excellent service from us, and we’re happy to see that we’ve fulfilled our promises. 


Concerns 5 & 6: On-Site Factors

If a contractor meets the above conditions, you should then look into more practical matters. When hiring a painter, you expect that the work will be completed carefully. But to ensure that, we suggest examining their techniques, materials, and employee policies. 


  1. What on-site painting methods and materials do they use? How do they prepare a space for painting? What paints do they offer? Check the contractor’s website or ask them to assure that they don’t cut corners or use cheap products.  
  2. What are the employee training and safety standards? Are they a professional crew? Do they take effective safety measures? At Kopeck, we try to inform all clients ahead of time about our painting process to ensure your confidence in our practices. 


Reputable and Professional Commercial Painting Contractors in Gainesville, VA

While painting shouldn’t be complicated, you should consider several factors when hiring a painting contractor. The best value for your money requires taking precautions and ensuring that certifications are in order. 

If this sounds like a lot of extra work, fear not: Kopeck Custom Painting’s commercial painting contractors have prepared in all the ways mentioned above. We’ve completed projects throughout Gainesville and Northern Virginia, and we’re ready to bring our expertise to your business next. Call us at (571) 286-0658 or fill out our online form to request an estimate!