5 Paint Colors for Every Room

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Choosing a color for a particular room in your room is a difficult choice. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different hues and shades for you to select. In addition, you also have to consider what types of paint to use, as some may be affected by the environment inside and outside of your home. Hiring professional home painting services can help you make the right decisions, as well as allow you to relax while an experienced painter transforms your home. 

At Kopeck Custom Painting, we pride ourselves on providing a collaborative, customer-centric process to our customers. Your budget, preferences, and needs are our primary focus, in addition to ensuring your home receives a high-quality interior or exterior painting service. Across Warrenton, VA, we are regarded as among the best home painting contractors out there.  

Here are 5 colors that will fit in any room in your house:

  1. Plum
    A simple, effective shade between maroon and deep purple, plum is an excellent color to use throughout the house. Matched with dark wood furnishings, as well as brown and beige decor, your plum-painted walls will create an elegant, yet laid-back interior.

  2. Dutch Blue
    This tone of blue wall paint is a bold, versatile color that allows you to form all kinds of color palettes in any room of your house. Match with dark grays and blacks to produce a chic modern setting, or add bold oranges and crisp whites to produce a vibrant, fun space to spend time in. 

  3. Gray-Brown
    Neutral colors are certainly effective to use in every room, and this is especially true when painting yours gray-brown. It emanates an earthy tone to a room that remains understated, which allows you to embellish it using fun, interesting multicolored decor or classic vintage furnishings.  

  4. Coral
    A wonderful mix of light pink and orange, coral is an excellent choice of color to use wherever in your house you want to brighten and liven up since it appears even brighter than it is under natural lighting. Wherever you may use it in your home, it will surely create a pleasant atmosphere.

    Match it with other bright and neutral colors to create an eclectic interior design, or stay minimalist and complement your walls with bright white furniture and black and brown decor elements.

  5. Matte Black
    Painting walls matte black has become an increasingly popular trend among homeowners seeking to create strong, elegant interiors. Contrasted with white tile floors, decor, and furniture, and you will have a high modern room straight out of a magazine. However, many find it better to mesh matte black with exposed brick and wood to add a depth of warmth to their elegant interior space.


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These are just a few of the many colors we’d recommend you consider if you are indecisive about what colors you want to paint for any room in your home. They are stylish, appealing, and versatile in creating all kinds of interior designs. At Kopeck, we seek to provide you with comprehensive home painting services in a courteous and professional manner. Throughout Warrenton, VA, and Northern  Virginia, we are known to provide excellent interior and exterior painting services, both for residents and commercial businesses. Our efficient, personalized service process has ensured high rates of satisfaction among customers over the many years we’ve served. 

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