4 Popular Home Painting Trends

Home Painting in Warrenton, VA

You have a lot of interesting ideas to consider when devising an interior home painting project. Different colors palettes, patterns, designs, and techniques can all elevate your space in distinct ways. However, to ensure you pick the best colors and techniques for your space, work with a professional home painting service.

Kopeck Custom Painting is the best painting service in Warrenton, VA, and Northern Virginia. Our team has extensive experience in residential exterior, interior, and commercial painting services. We work with clients through each step of our project process to ensure that the results match your needs and preferences. Check out our portfolio of interior projects to see how we’ve transformed our clients’ homes.

Below, we discuss some of the top home painting trends of 2021:

  1. Vibrant Wall Panels
    At Kopeck Custom Painting, we know that simply painting walls a unique, attractive hue that compliments the decor and furniture will never go out of style. However, we’ve marked the trend of wainscot painting as a significant one that’s worth keeping our eyes on.

    Wainscoting refers to wood paneling that’s attached to interior walls. It reaches from the floor to around halfway up a wall. These panels are as elegant accoutrements, creating unique and interesting interiors.

    We can paint these panels in vibrant colors to contrast them with the rest of your wall. Doing so gives you an exceptional interior design.

  2. Painted Wall Arches
    An increasingly popular wall feature in 2021, the viral painted wall arch creates an accented space for a variety of furniture and decor to be placed. Consider items such as hanging shelves, a desk or end table, as well as a vase, photos, candles, and other interesting decorations.

    The contrast of colors is a simple, effective technique, drawing the eye to places where you intend to draw interest and distinction.

  3. Earthy, Clay Colored Paints
    The most prevalent color palettes of the year are inspired by the landscape of the American Southwest. They emphasize the earthy tones of the deserts, as well as hues from clay pottery and decoration that is traditional to the region.

    These colors include coral, baked clay, terra cotta, and Behr’s 2021 color of the year, “Canyon Dusk.” These colors have become so popular due to their depth, groundedness, and ability to help create soothing atmospheres within the spaces they’re used in.

    When matched with simple, minimalist decor and furniture, along with the fresh green of various indoor plants, you can easily create an excellent interior design with nearly any clay or earthy color.

  4. Moody Hue Paint Colors
    Another series of colors growing in popularity this year is the “moody hue” palette. These colors have gained popularity for similar reasons as clay color palettes but come in a broad range of colors—from blue and green, to dim orange and beige.

    Though they come in warm hues, moody hue paint colors are “moody” due to their darkened shades. A good example is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy paint color; though dark in shade, it has a low-key vibrance, reflecting against natural or indoor lighting.

    Other great moody hues include “Outerspace” by Sherwin Williams, as well as their unique “Green Black”, or “Fading Twilight”—another of Moore’s excellent colors.

Kopeck Custom Painting: Top-Quality Home Painting in Warrenton, VA

Those are just some of the trends to consider when putting together your next transformative home painting project. However, to ensure you get the best quality paint job for your home or commercial business space in Warrenton, VA, consider working with an experienced custom painting company like Kopeck Custom Painting. Our team is skilled in helping clients find the right colors and designs they want to create. Furthermore, we also perform exterior painting services, showing our commitment in helping you renew both the inside and outside of your home or property.

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