4 Popular Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Buildings

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It’s easy to forget that brick’s classic red can be painted over with a different color, such as dark navy blue, rich charcoal black, or soft off-white. Indeed, many home and business owners have enjoyed dramatic shifts by having their brick walls painted with unique hues and shades. To get personalized service and excellent brick painting work, turn to an experienced residential and commercial painting contractor in Gainesville, VA.

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Below, we suggest 4 attractive colors to paint the exterior of your brick building:

Earthy Green

Though they work well alongside red brick, natural shades of green also serve as excellent colors to paint your brick exteriors with. If your brick structure stands within a lush landscape, an earthy green—along with accents of brown and dark orange—will complement its environment.

On the other hand, if your building is located in a bustling city, a rich green brick exterior will evoke the natural elements that are either sparse or missing there.

Bold Navy

Another attractive color for brick exteriors is bold navy blue. Brick structures with this color contrast well with nearly any surrounding environment, urban or suburban. 

Moreover, painting your commercial building this same shade could suit your oceanic or nautical-themed operations. Navy can also help your residence or workplace stand out from its surroundings.

Smooth Off-White

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For a simple yet elegant exterior design, have contractors paint your bricks a neutral off-white. While not as bold as other colors in this list, off-white allows you to highlight features of your exterior using contrasting shades or additional elements.

For example, off-white serves well as an exterior painting color to emphasize business signs or large windows displaying a business’s show floor. Style-wise, off-white shades complement modern and contemporary designs, both interior and exterior.

Deep Charcoal

commercial painting contractor in Gainesville VA

A dark, charcoal black can also make your building’s exterior stand out from those around it. Indeed, a simple coat of matte charcoal paint over brick has become a timeless paint design for offices and businesses in many cities.

Similar to off-white, charcoal black accentuates a building’s exterior features. Blended with other colors, designs, and patterns, it can turn the exterior of your building into a canvas for artwork, which draws curb appeal—whether for your residence or your business. 

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