3 Unique Nursery Paint Design Ideas

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The nursery is where you will show your newborn the first colors and shapes that he or she will ever see. It is one of the few places in your home where you can be creative and bold with your designs. However, in order to create the precise design you want, you may need the assistance of a professional.

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Here, we offer a few ideas for painting your nursery:

Make It Look Like Children’s Book

Few pieces of art are as memorable as the timeless children’s books we have read over the years. Their color palettes are simple but striking, making them impossible to forget. Consider searching some of the books you’ll read to your newborn for inspiration on colors and designs.

You might find ideas in the beautiful illustrations of books like The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister or The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, but surely these are not the only sources that will provide you with colors that appeal to any child. Also, keep an eye out for artistic designs and styles you can use as additional flourishes.

Have Fun With Writable Walls

A recent trend in bedroom wall paint design is using latex-based paints to convert either portions or entire walls into chalkboard/whiteboard surfaces. Your child or children can then write and erase freely on the material.

This option can make your baby’s nursery into an exciting, creative space where you can teach them how to write and draw. What’s more interesting is that these walls can still be used after your nursery is converted into a full bedroom or another type of space, making these rooms more versatile than ever before.

Create a Cosmic Space

You might also turn to outer space itself for inspiration in painting your child’s nursery. Depict the brilliance of the night sky or the wondrous symmetry of the planets in orbit around the Sun in fantastic color, Or consider using color palettes and designs inspired by deep space photos of nebulas, supernovas, and galaxies.

Such a paint design could lead to a lifelong fascination with the cosmos simply because you showed your newborn all the different shapes and colors that take form around our solar system.

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The more intricate and versatile your paint design is, the more likely it will stick around for a long time. To get a timeless, lasting appearance from your unique bedroom wall painting job, consider calling a professional from Kopeck Custom Painting. Our team has worked for over five years throughout Warrenton and the Northern Virginia area, providing high-quality painting services (including exterior and interior paint jobs) for both residents and businesses.

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