2022 Kitchen Painting Trends

Kitchen Painting Warrenton

From oily splatters to steam stains, kitchen walls endure a lot of wear and tear. Yet scrubbing them can only go so far in removing visible marks. Trendy wall paint colors—including greige, green, or blue—offer the perfect solution for freshening up your kitchen. By seeking professional kitchen painting services for the job, you can enjoy the benefits of a fresh-painted space without the project’s hassle.

Kopeck Custom Painting offers such services in Warrenton, VA. Our options include interior and exterior painting to freshen up your entire home. Working with Kopeck entails careful, concise work with careful preparation and clean-up. Moreover, we streamline the painting process to create a flawless finish, on time and according to plan. Contact Kopeck today at (571) 286-0658 for a free estimate.

Below, we discuss 2022’s biggest kitchen painting trends:


Neutral enthusiasts might find a mix of gray and beige provides a complexity that stark white lacks. This calm, easy-to-clean alternative feels fresh and inviting. 

But why greige instead of gray or beige alone? Imagine this combination combining the coolness of slate with the warmth of sand. Such a fusion allows you to incorporate complementary wood and metal tones for a balanced aesthetic. 

Greige works well in streamlining modern kitchens, as it carries well from wall to cabinet without overwhelming the space. Add a simple backsplash tile, and your kitchen will feel crisp and cohesive. 


Green is the color for almost any room in 2022. Even green critics may change their minds when confronted with all the available shades. This color made its claim to fame by offering a tranquil reprieve from black and white interior trends. Its lushness will fill you with reminiscence of fresh-cut grass and dewy jungles. Choose one of these invigorating shades:

  • Sage: A dusty green, sage leans toward the cool spectrum with gray-blue undertones. 
  • Olive: Warm, verdant, and earthy, olive inspires foliage basked in sunlight.
  • Mint: Choose a light mint for cool refreshment—the perfect contrast against oak wood. 


Although the traditional choice for all things nautical, blue has recently gained a more luxurious reputation. Dark shades, including navy and hazy blue, evoke a relaxed mood during the day and a dramatic one at night. Replace black with one of these dark shades to achieve the same level of mystique without coming across as overbearing.

Blue creates a chilled backdrop for gold or silver hardware. Moreover, it offers depth when contrasted against white marble countertops. Color extraordinaires can add red or pink accent decor to make their blue walls stand out.

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Kitchen Painting Warrenton

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