The best exterior paint colors with brick are those that best complement the color of the brick itself.

Brick comes in a variety of colors: red, orange, grey, brown, creamy off-white, true white. Any color of brick will be complemented by certain paints, while others will have hues that clash, or will stand out too starkly.

A lot of it comes down to personal taste. Everyone has paint colors they just aren’t crazy about, and at the same time, there are probably a handful of colors that you absolutely love. But color coordination is something that does have some generalized rules, and there are certain combinations that almost everyone can agree are unpleasant.

Exterior painting should make your home look better, not worse.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors with Brick

For house painting, you’ll want to choose a color that both you and other people think looks good.

This is usually something that coordinates well with the color of your brick. Finding the best exterior paint colors with brick might require you to look at a color swatch or two before you find something you like.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors with Red Brick

The best exterior paint colors with brick that is red can vary, depending on how dark the red is, and how subjectively “orange” it appears. Red brick can actually come in a range of hues, from darker and deeper tones to colors with a very orange cast to them. When you have red brick, true white can look a bit stark against the darker, more muted brick.

At the same time, creamier whites with a bit of a yellow to them can look much nicer and more understated. If you’d want to use white, select a shade that you’d describe as “off-white” for best results.

Blues and greens can also contrast well with red brick, but it’s important to pick the right shades. In most cases, the best exterior paint colors with brick are muted, rather than bright and bold.

Rusty brick isn’t going to look quite right with kelly green, but a very deep forest green can work beautifully.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors with White Brick


The best exterior paint colors with brick that’s white can be a bit more flexible, arguably, than with red brick. White brick is often more “off-white,” but it provides quite a bit of room to play with color.

Muted tones are always a popular choice, like charcoal gray, camel and tan colors, or greyish greens or blues. Black can look a bit stark, creating a bit too much contrast. Some homeowners go bold with stronger reds or blues. This can often work best if the area of trim is relatively small, and the color should pair well with the actual shade of the brick itself.

“White” brick can be close to true white, or it can be a yellowish ivory, or it can have cooler blue-grey tones. The best exterior paint colors with brick will depend on exactly what kind of white it is.

Blend or Contrast?

When you’re choosing the best exterior paint colors with brick, you’ll want to decide whether you want the colors to blend, or whether you’d prefer a strong degree of contrast. Colors that blend will keep the trim itself quiet and subtle, drawing minimal attention to itself.

The best exterior paint colors with brick, if you’re trying to contrast with white, are often subtle grays that differ only a bit from the color of the brick itself.

For red brick, greens tend to create contrast. As you probably know, red and green are complementary colors. However, if you pair two colors that are literally opposite to one another on the color wheel, it can look a bit stark and glaring.

Pairing the colors is a matter of balancing the brightness and tone carefully, choosing a green that complements the red brick rather than looking out of place.

Whether you choose to blend your trim with the exterior brick, or you decide to create contrast, some colors definitely look better than others. It takes some experimentation with color swatches to find one that’s perfect for your home.