Painting the exterior of your house can be a fairly cheap but effective way of cleaning it up and giving your house a fresh new look. When it comes to painting there is a multi-step process that should be taken and we are here to walk you through it.

1) PLANNING: Consider your house’s exterior factors

Obviously your first step is going to be choosing your paint color. However, this may include a bit more strategy then you originally thought.

As wonderful as it would be if you could go out and pick any color from the color wheel that you wanted, there are factors we want to make you aware of.

How to paint your house exterior

What is the style of your home? You will want to choose your paint colors according to the surfaces of your house. Take white for instance, it should look good anywhere, right? Wrong.

On a colonial style house, white looks great when you accent it with the right colors. But if you have any brick or even stone on your house, white would not be the ideal choice.

Another factor to be aware of when choosing a color is the location of your home.

An exterior paint job could really change the curb appeal of your home: say you live in suburbia or on a busy street, you may want to think about how the color fits in with the surroundings.

2) PREPARING: 3 key steps for exterior painting

How to paint your house exterior

First, you will want to make sure you have all the proper tools you will need. Find out which rollers and brushes will be best suited for your purposes and will work best on the materials on your house.

Also, don’t forget about ladders! Those will come in quite handy.

Next, any exterior surface that is being painted should always be pressure washed before hand. This will remove any built up debris and the like.

It will allow for a smoother more professional looking finish. (If you have bushes or trees getting in the way of your project area, consider hiring a professional tree service).

The last step to take before you can actually start painting your home is priming. This will also lead to a more professional looking finish.

Before you start the painting process be sure to test the paint color you chooses and leave it long enough for it to dry just to double check that it’s the right one for you and your home.

3) Painting: you’re ready to paint!

You are finally to get the project under way once you’ve checked off all the previous steps!

When you are painting, you will want to make sure you are using the right brushes and rollers in the right places. (Read more tips on painting and equipment).

4) Cleaning Up: you don’t want to leave a mess.

First, if you put up any painters tape, naturally that needs to come down. following that, if you out down any drip sheets on your porches or other surfaces you’ll want to get those taken care or as well.

When putting the paint away, you’ll want to make sure it’s all sealed 100% proper so the fumes don’t leak out ad you don’t have any accidental spill.

Last, the brushes and rollers: the better they are cleaned out, the longer lifetime they will have.

Residential painting in Warrenton


Preparing for painting is the most important part of any painting job. What you do before you start slapping paint on your project determines whether or not your room, siding, or deck will look good and last.

Make sure you take your time prepping for your painting project.

If you have any questions, be sure to call Kopeck Painting for a free quote!

Are you thinking about painting your home soon? Have you painted your exterior recently? Share your stories, or your questions, in the comments below!